Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CCTV CRAP! Who sucks and who doesn't.

Talk about the biggest piece of crap. I ordered on of the hidden cam in the flood light, good idea, crappy picture. IF you want to identify or use actual footage go with professional companies and not ADT. They are WAY over priced and their service SUCKS.

This crap SUCKS, stay away from them.
Unless you don't mind, NOT seeing more than ink spots on film.

These guys DON'T SUCK:
We used Insight Video Security and their camera systems were fairly priced and they answer their phones.

Florida CCTV Services.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


RAINSOFT Water softeners do not do what they claim. Take it from me.

You DO need softener for your clothes and it only removed odors for about the first 6mo and you end up with more mold than you started with. Also, they have the drain for the salt water rinse into your yard and you can't plant just anything around it. It has to be able to tolerate the salt water.

RAINSOFT IS A SCAM. After they get your money and run they want to charge you $125 for the first hour and $45.00 for each additional 1/2 hr.

I am paying over $5,000.00 for this crap that doesn't do what it should and they want to charge me to come out and service it. It has just been a year and we have talked to several people and took us months to get someone to call for service.

Oh, and another thing, we were supposed to get a $25.00 Home Depot card and called and called and called and were promised and promise and promised we would get it. WE gave up and took it in the ass on that one but I refuse to pay another dime and they can take this crap back and eat it.

Oh yeah, and I supposedly got this deal for coupons but could never get the site to work and tried to contact someone about it and it was a DEAD END.


...THEY LIE...

Don't take just MY word for it:
See what others have said.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lakeland FL, Red Light Traffic Scam

Go to about the 9th frame. There will be a traffic camera with an * where you can view her violation.

Lakeland, FL found a new way to rape people.

Running a red light is one thing, but giving a ticket to someone who slowly creeps up and looks for traffic to the left and ahead then goes maybe traveling about 1mph, that is just extortion. I watched the video and I was outraged at what I saw. I could not believe they gave her a ticket for that. Watch and you will see...we ALL do it, including COPS and ALL other OFFICIALS. I bet they will get a free pass, EVERY TIME. I see cops and other city officials, yapping on their cell phones and SPEEDING, just as we all do. What's the difference??? They have a title and a pass to do what they will and they do.

It gets worse and worse with every president, and every ordinance, and with every passing year. Cops spend more time giving tickets then they do actually stopping violent crimes and drugs.

They don't need anymore of our tax dollars. They are making money hand over fist, with one hand down their pants and the other stuffing their face.

I am all for ticketing someone who actually RUNS a red light but not for someone who slows almost to a stop and you can see she CLEARLY had enough time to look to her right and ahead before continuing on. I say you should be flogged for your bad judgement. I don't know these people nor have I meet ANY of the offenders but it angered me to see this.

What is next. Fines for stopping for too long??? I would not doubt it. Any thing for a buck and a f*ck.